Process Priority Optimizer

Process priority class optimizer for NT/XP systems. Main features: - Simple and easy to use - Automatically shutdown unwanted applications/processes - Automatically adjust applications execution priorities based on user preference -

Applications Priority Master  v.1 10

Instead of using Windows Task Manager to change the Running Processes priority (something which is not convenient), Applications Priority Master gives you the ability to create programs' shortcuts, specifying the priority you want them to start with.


Process Priority Observer  v.

Process Priority Observer can boost the agility and responsiveness of Windows and contributes to stability when running multiple applications.On a single desktop for example you can run multiple applications (backup, CD-burning,

Priority Club Rewards  v.

Priority Club Rewards :: World's Largest Hotel Loyalty Program. “Nice! I didn't even have to be a member when booking my hotel. I just checked a box when I booked and voila! ...I'm earning reward points!” ”Best hotel travel app!!!”

Taxis G7 Priority  v.

With TAXIS G7, number 1 of radio taxi centrals with over 7,000 affiliated taxis in Paris, enjoy a wide range of quality services. • Be sure to have a taxi 24/24 and 7/7 anywhere in the "Ile de France" region • You have priority when you book

Priority Matrix Pro  v.

Easily and accurately prioritize activities using the populair urgent/important matrix. This supurb app boasts an effective and elegant user interface. Conveniently email an automatically generated priority report.

High Priority  v.1.1.1

High Priority is a menu extra whose sole purpose is to help you manage your To Dos in a simple, intuitive, and pleasant manner.

Priority Matrix - 4-Quadrants Task Management App  v.1.4

Plan differently.

Actual Window Menu  v.7.5

Actual Windows Menu is a suite of the most essential tools for versatile windows control: minimize them to tray, set up priority, keep always-on-top, apply transparency, etc. Once installed, the extra options are added to each window's system menu.

NetBalancer Free  v.5.2

Browse and do any internet activity comfortably even when your download manager or torrent client downloads huge files from internet - just lower their network priority with NetBalancer. NetBalancer is an internet traffic control tool for Windows.

Actual Title Buttons  v.7.5

Actual Title Buttons is a suite of the most essential tools added to the title bars of windows once installed, with many exciting functions for windows control: minimize them to tray, set up priority, apply transparency, keep always-on-top, and more!

MegaLog Event To Syslog  v.1.0

Secure.IP MegaLog 'Windows Event to Syslog Service' forwards all Windows Event log entries to a Syslog server. No Windows Event log information is lost. In the configuration application you can map the priority and the facility settings.

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